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Current Openings

Remote Senior Logistics Salesperson

We are currently looking for a high-level salesperson that wants to maximize their current sales commissions earning potential. The successful candidate will have loyal transportation clientele with Time-Sensitive, Special Handling, High Maintenance, Precision Logistics needs.

Van Lines sales and other similar salespeople who have Trade Show customers are preferred. Other preferred clientele industries include Special Events, Machinery, Medical Equipment, Electronics, Product Launch, Marketing/Advertising, etc. If you have prior industry experience in these areas and a desire to expand your career, then we want to hear from you.

Roles & Responsibilities

Secure & Develop

Utilize all available resources to maintain existing clientele and develop new business.

Thrive in a Team

Collaborate with the support team to improve client service levels and exceed client expectations.

Stay Up to Date

Stay on top of industry trends to identify potential opportunities for new company growth.

Required Qualifications & Skills

5+ years of Transportation Sales generating a minimum of $400k per year in Tradeshows, Special Events, Machinery, Medical Equipment, Electronics, Product Launch, Marketing/Advertising, and other similar Precision Logistics - High Value & High Maintenance clientele.

Why Work With Americana Worldwide Careers?

We offer the highest commissions and excellent benefits including:
  • 401K
  • Health insurance
  • Profit-sharing
  • Unparalleled operational support
  • Opportunity to work from home
  • Charity opportunities with company sponsorship
  • Uncapped earning potential

About Americana Worldwide Careers

Americana Worldwide is a precision trade show transportation operation 100% focused on the trade show industry for over 30 years. Our careers specialty is No-Transfer Air-Ride LTL service, so properties arrive on-time and in perfect condition at unbelievably good pricing. Our team handles every detail with perfection, and we keep our clients fully informed. We handle all modes of transportation including Full Trailer, Air Freight, Team Drivers, Flatbed all types including Oversized with Permits & Escort(s), Straight Truck, Hotshot, Liftgate, Inside Pick-up & Delivery, Blanket Wrap, Logistics Bars, and International shipping.

We know all the marshaling yards & all the decorators, we check-call our drivers, especially at all critical times, and we do not charge waiting time. Our operations have order and discipline. Our service is the best, and our pricing is terrific.

Trade Show Exhibit Transportation Partner - Americana Worldwide Careers


Our precision transportation services ensure damage-free delivery, competitive rates, and constant accountability. We handle every detail with perfection and keep all clients fully informed.

Trade Show Exhibit Transportation


With 30 years of experience in the transportation of exhibit properties, place your trust in Americana Worldwide careers to deliver your properties on time and in perfect condition.

Americana Worldwide Careers


We are dedicated to perfection, providing 24/7 service, driver check-ins and personal connections with marshaling yard personnel, customized to your specific needs and at a competitive rate.