30+ Years of Trade Show and High-Value Equipment Transportation Expertise

We specialize in premium trade show exhibit service ground, air, and ocean transportation and storage at cost-effective rates, guaranteed.

Taking Care of High-Value Shipping

We specialize in the transportation of exhibit properties and machinery for trade shows and special events. We are experts at handling less-than-truckload shipments, providing air ride transport and no transfer LTL.

Trade Show Exhibit Transportation Partner - Americana Worldwide Careers


Our precision transportation services ensure damage-free delivery, competitive rates, and constant accountability. We handle every detail with perfection and keep all clients fully informed.

Trade Show Exhibit Transportation


With 30 years of experience in the transportation of exhibit properties, place your trust in Americana Worldwide to deliver your properties on time and in perfect condition.

Americana Worldwide Careers


We are dedicated to perfection, providing 24/7 service, driver check-ins and personal connections with marshaling yard personnel, customized to your specific needs and at a competitive rate.

Discounts For First-Time Buyers!

We are confident that you will love our services! Rest assured that you will have everything you need delivered to your special event in no time.

Precision Shipment Services

No matter the shipment size or variety, we provide reliable transportation customized to your benefits and needs. Trust Americana Worldwide to provide safe transportation for your trade show exhibit goods on time and perfectly intact by ground, air, or ocean shipping.

Secure Transportation

We ensure line-haul to destination without transfer, direct communication with the driver at all critical times, team drivers, pad-wrap, lift-gate, decking, straight truck, driver assist, and all flatbed equipment. 

24/7 Operations

We provide after-hours live dispatch for clients and drivers on shipment developments, accommodate any project requirements, and use GPS tracking to monitor all drop-offs and pick-ups at every stage.

Competitive Rates

We offer the best pricing in the industry. With guaranteed no-fail service, any additional charges resulting from service failure will be fully refunded, keeping your budget under control.